Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rolling at the Outdoor Show

Yesterday I was preforming rolling demonstrations at the Outdoor show, and quite honestly, I was nervous before I started. I had the pool to myself, with a mc explaining what I was doing for half an hour. That's a lot of time to keep people entertained.

On the first roll however, I realized two things: (1) I remembered that rolling relaxes me, and (2) the water was bloody freezing! 
I really had nothing to worry about (besides the ice cream headache) and things went pretty smoothly.

I was really excited to have an aerial view of me rolling. I haven't really seen that view before and I thought that it was pretty cool. Flying Cameras is a local company that specializes in RC quadcopters and hexacopters for aerial filming. They had a booth at the show and happily filmed for us.

You will also probably notice that I'm not in my boat.
Ecomarine kindly lent me an Avocet LV so that I didn't have to haul mine in for the show, which is greatly appreciated. 

After my demonstration, there was a hilarious SUP tug-o-war... which involved quite a bit of falling in :)

Overall I had a great time and thank you to everyone who showed up to watch!


James said...


What you do is amazing!!! Thanks for the mention.

James from Flying Cameras

Alana said...

Thank you so much for the aerial footage!